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These applications are powered by our Spot Mobile platform.


Spot Reporters

Let citizens be your eyes and ears.


Street Bump

Improve your neighborhood roads.


Spot Workforce

Fix issues anytime and anywhere.

About Us

Connecting your organization and the people it serves.

Mobile is in our DNA. We have over a decade of experience implementing transformative mobile applications and services in an enterprise environment. Our proven technology has been used by hundreds of thousands of mobile users worldwide.


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The Spot Reporters platform was initially developed for local governments. It's a great way to empower citizens and let them connect with the city through the technology they use daily.

Absolutely. Spot Reporters can used in property management, school campuses, utilities and more.

Glad you asked. Your organization purchases Spot Reporters and we'll help you get everything integrated with your CRM environment and customized with your organization's service types and brand. Once ready, users simply download your branded iPhone or Android app or use their existing Web, Twitter, Open311, or SMS clients and start reporting right away.

We've integrated seamlessly with Motorola, Salesforce, SAP, Lagan/Verint, Microsoft Dynamics, and other CRMs. Our APIs can be used to integrate with just about any system.


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